I’m Air, unseen but omnipresent.

I’m Water, tasteless but essential.

I’m Fire, scorching but warming.

I’m Ice, chilling but refreshing.

I’m Devil, wicked but enticing.

I’m God, almighty but merciful.

I’m Past, gone but preserved.

I’m Future, uncertain but expected.

I’m Fiction, imaginary but possible.

I’m Fact, proven but ignored.

I’m Truth, genuine but cruel.

I’m Lie, doubtful but comforting.

I’m Life, beautiful but complicated.

I’m Death, terrifying but inevitable.

I’m Me, curious but indifferent.

I’m You, conscious but oblivious.

You’re about to draft an important email, but it seems impossible to resist the temptation of scrolling Facebook or Instagram feed aimlessly. The task which you would have completed in ten minutes will now take thirty or more. Sigh!

Distractions are everywhere. A survey conducted by Udemy shows that around 50% of employees are less productive at workplaces due to distractions. Moreover, 20% of employees are unable to excel in their career and find it difficult to reach their full potential because of the distractions. …

By Ankit Khanna on The Capital

Imagine the day you received your first salary or your first cheque when you started your own business. I bet you must’ve had a long wish list of things you wanted to buy for yourself and your loved ones. Hadn’t you?

Life changes when you start earning. You want to try things you’ve never done before and visit places you’ve never been to. In doing so, you often end up spending a major percentage of your total earnings.

It feels good to hang out with friends and plan a vacation with your family. It’s important to have fun. But it…

Every day, life is running faster than yesterday wherein you’re trying hard to catch up. It doesn’t matter if you’re working a 9 to 5 job or running a business, you always feel drained to maintain a better work-life balance, isn’t it?

Instead of being an option, healthy living should be a necessity. What would you do with all the riches and workplace appreciation if you’re not physically fit or mentally sound?

I know it could be challenging to stick to a healthy lifestyle when you’re always on the go. …

Your brain may only weigh 3 pounds, but it holds the ultimate power that invented the electricity, the telephone, the Internet and millions of other scientific marvels that our world depends upon.

Knowing each and every detail about this powerhouse isn’t easy. Scientists around the world have been trying to decode the human brain for centuries but are still unable to understand it completely. So, next time when you’d think you know how your brain works, think again!

You’ve got more than 100 billion neurons inside your brain transmitting information at the speed of a bullet train. …

Ankit Khanna

An unusual blend of a socializer, scribbler, bibliophile and hodophile. Find me on Instagram: @ankitkhnna

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